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About EconIBsts

  • EconIBsts has been envisioned as a resource specifically designed for the new IB Economics course - first teaching in 2020 and first assessment in 2022.


  • The resource is meant to be a one-stop shop for IB students and teachers.


  • The resource is entirely based on the IB economics curriculum. However, EconIBsts is not affiliated or endorsed by the IB.


  • The resource is constantly being developed with new topics going live on a weekly basis

  • The site includes question sets with IB-style questions linked to the specific assessment objectives in the syllabus.

  • With a shift towards more inquiry-based learning in the new curriculum, the site includes suggestions for inquiry, based on a user-friendly framework.

  • Includes links to real-life examples, current articles, data sets and videos.

Why EconIBsts?

  1. Comprehensive resource

  2. Specifically designed for the new IB Economics curriculum rather than being revised for it

  3. Based on the IB philosophy in terms of content, tone and philosophy

  4. Dynamic with constant revisions, updated for the integration of real world issues and inquiries

  5. Developed by an IB educator with twenty five years' experience of teaching and leading at international schools in India, Uzbekistan, Romania and Hungary

  6. Visually engaging

  7. Designed to cater to a range of learners

  8. Suitable for independent learning and group activities

  9. Ideal for distance learning and during partial opening of schools

  10. Readily accessible on your devices avoiding the need to carry textbooks

  11. Activities geared towards the Internal Assessment interwoven throughout

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How to use this resource?

  • Engage with this resource, spend time on it. 

  • Pay attention to the visuals as they capture a lot of the content in a succinct way.

  • Try doing all the exercises and think about the reflective questions. The resource is designed to encourage you to think critically like an economist.

  • Economics, as a discipline, is jargon-heavy. Be conscious of the language that you use. All the key terms and their definitions appear in bold on the following pages.

  • Apply what you learn to your daily life.

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